PSP/PS VITA • 6.XX PRO Online Client v0.08 Released - Development's Back

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PSP/PS VITA • 6.XX PRO Online Client v0.08 Released - Development's BackAs there are other topics explaining how to use the PRO Online Client - I won't go into details on how to use these files.
In this topic you will always find the latest public builds of the client!
To ensure best game compatiblity, please make sure you stay updated! Outdated clients can (and most likely will) cause problems!

Greetings, Coldbird.
Known Issues

Enabling the UPNP Library when UPNP isn't available freezes PSP at times.
Solution: Enable UPNP in your Router or remove the UPNP library (pspnet_miniupnc.prx) from the /kd Subfolder (don't forget to DMZ your PSP if you do this).
In some games the home menu is invisible. We are going to work on it.

RemoteJoyLite Recording
Existing versions of RemoteJoyLite crash when using PRO Online. You can download a working version for UMD based PSP models from here.
The version linked above has been modified to use the PRO CFW high memory range and thus only works if high memory has been enabled.
It also works on PSP Go, however not when PRO Online is active, I'm investigating the matter.


Beta 0.08 [R47]

Fixed Ghost Input Problem (aka. Home Menu Gamepad Problem)
Added Analog Nub Passthrough (allows to use the Analog Nub for game input, even when Home Menu is active)

Beta 0.07 [R41]

Added Server Notice Support (active players now get notified by the server 1 minute prior to a maintenance shutdown, as has been requested by the community)

Beta 0.06 [R31]

Fixed Bug in sceNetAdhocctlDisconnect Function (this fixes the God Eater Burst disconnect problems and the Terminal exit freeze)
Added 3-Second Press Delay to START Button in Home Menu (as has been requested by the community)

Beta 0.05 [R29]

Changed Chat System to Keyboard Input
Added Experimental Matching Library Emulator (this causes a whole bunch of titles to become playable now)

Beta 0.04 [R26]

Added PRO Online Home Menu
Added Keyphrase Chat Support

Beta 0.03 [R25]

Added VSH Exit Binding to Home Button
Added Offline Adhoc Mode (move WLAN Switch into Off-Position before starting Game to enable Offline Adhoc, On-Position on Game-Start enables Online-Mode)

Beta 0.02 [R24]

Fixed Regression Bug for Mod Nation Racers & Split Second Velocity
Added Support for Tekken 6

Beta 0.01 [R21]

Initial Support for 10 Titles
Source: Prometheus


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