multiMAN • 'mmCM' v04.03.03 [UPDATE FULL ADDED]

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multiMAN • 'mmCM' v04.03.03 [UPDATE FULL ADDED]As another day dawns on us, I run to the net to see whats news in the hacking scene. Well I'll be... another update for mmCM. This is one has a reset option for the desktop, ability to set wallpaper and fixed some rare issues. Read More Below.


Fixed rare issue causing mmOS to lock/stall when browsing /ps3_home subfolders

Added "Reset Desktop" option to mmOS home menu (resets icons positions and closes all windows)

Added "Set as Wallpaper" / "Restore Wallpaper" to mmOS context menu when single image (jpg/png) is selected; affects all display modes

Added better visualization when moving icons around the desktop with L3 (Windows alike)

Changed visualization of selected/hovered desktop icons (a bit slicker)

Package contains:
mM 04.03.03

PS3NETSRV (PC)        : Requred to access /net_host# network folders and for loading Games/Movies from network PC.
SHOWTIME PLAYER       : Included as SHOWTIME.SELF in mM USRDIR/sys folder to enable playback of video files
WEB BROWSER           : Standalone WWW/FTP application (BROWSER.SELF)
3D STEREO PLAYER      : Supports 3D playback of SBS/TB AVI files (with AC3 or MP3 audio) in 3D or Anaglyph modes (file extension .avi3d)

LASTGAME              : Loads the last game (folder or ISO) you started from mM and returns you to XMB. Start the game from disc icon or PSP Launcher
BDRESET               : Removes path redirections and unmounts loaded ISO images
GAMEDATA              : Switch game-install location between internal HDD and first external FAT32 USB HDD

HD MOTION BACKGROUNDS :    2 (wave.divx, wave2.divx)
THEMES                :    8 (Original Theme, METRO, Aero 3.0, Comic Book, The Media Cabinet, MM arch, Futurama Ver 5, Looney-Tunes-v2)
COVERS (PS3)          : 3846 PS3 Game Covers
COVERS (PSX/PS2)      : 3420 PSX/PS2 Game Covers


Base:mmCM ver 04.03.03 BASE (20120607).rar (25.19mb)

Full: mmCM ver 04.0.03 FULL



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