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    Nintendo Direct Stream Reveals New Release Dates, Game Details

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    Nintendo Direct Stream Reveals New Release Dates, Game Details

    Postby S4BRE » Tue Dec 27, 2011 10:48 am

    [img]/images/nintendo-details.jpg[/img]Last night (in North America time), Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata got up in front of a camera to host the latest Nintendo Direct. The stream video conference format, last used to announce the recently released 3DS firmware update, was used again as an announcement platform for some big(-ish) Nintendo happenings, namely some key 3DS release dates and game details. Note that all announced dates should at this point be considered "Japan-only."

    First, dates. The 3DS Fire Emblem game, bearing the subtitle Kakusei (translated: "Awakening"), will be coming on April 19, Andriasang reports. Kid Icarus: Uprising will be arriving a few weeks before that, on March 22. Iwata also confirmed that the Icarus game will support three-on-three multiplayer, and is compatible with both ad-hoc (local wireless) and Internet play.

    Also coming up in the first half of 2012 are: Mario & Sonic London Olympics (March 1), Level-5's "Girls RPG" (March 8) and Dynasty Warriors VS (March 15). Iwata also confirmed that the DW game will include Nintendo-themed character costumes.


    Iwata also showed off trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3D and Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, neither of which were dated but both of which are due for release next year. Also revealed was Kiki Trick, the broadcast's sole Wii game, demoed by Iwata and WarioWare creator Yoshi Sakamoto.

    On the heels of the video stream, 3DS users fired up their handhelds to be greeted by news of some newly available demos. Playable snippets of Resident Evil: Revelations, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D and Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure are all now available for download in Japan's 3DS eShop.

    None of this appears to be available in the U.S. just yet (Theatrhythm technically isn't even confirmed for release outside of Japan). Assuming things go down the way that they did after the last Nintendo Direct, we can expect to hear more about how these reveals impact consumers in North America soon, perhaps even later today.

    For now, head over to the Nintendo Direct page to check out videos from last night's proceedings.

    Source: Andriasang
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