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    EDAT NPDRM Decryption/Re-Encryption Tools

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    EDAT NPDRM Decryption/Re-Encryption Tools

    Postby lunuxx » Mon May 21, 2012 7:18 pm

    POC.png (36.92 KiB) Viewed 3780 times

    Over on gotbrew irc we were dropped off some stuff from snowydew.

    The tools allow for decryption and re encryption of edat, can preform iso.bin.edat extraction, can further decrypt eboot.pbp's / eboot.bins for further game modifiying.
    Decryption of act.dat and rif keys, the re encryption part however isn't 100% since we are missing a variable or two, but we can resign them as free npdrm without sony tools
    A large portion of npdrm right here. It "CAN" do it, it's not implemented just yet. It requires testing though.
    The encrypton process is a PoC until bytes 0xb0 - 0x100 are figured ou
    There is some goodies in the files, check it out if interested in psp,ps1, etc on your ps3.

    Download tools:
    EDAT Tools ( Clicked 2425 times )

    Thanks to:
    snowydew and KDSbest for the info, software and for droppin by the irc.
    jump on my irc server: http://gotbrew.org:9090 start in channel #gotbrew or in a client: gotbrew.org port 6667 or using ssl (6697) #gotbrew and dont forget your coffee! late night? come chat with moogie the insomniac hes always awake :D

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    Re: EDAT NPDRM Decryption/Re-Encryption Tools [POC]

    Postby igor242 » Mon May 21, 2012 8:17 pm

    So this would allow extraction of the encrypted ps1 isos inside psn ps1 titles?

    And if so then we could possibly replace the isos inside for other ones?

    Allowing for more game fixes like Legend of Dragoon US etc. Where we have the Jap version hacked but the US version uses EDAT ver 4 and is un-fixable currently

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    Re: EDAT NPDRM Decryption/Re-Encryption Tools

    Postby S4BRE » Mon May 21, 2012 8:57 pm

    Quoted from IRC
    <@Snowydew> so verywell yes, if you can use the key, find the way to decrypt what's in them, then you could very well sign it with a seperate key / patched ldr to read it as a "proper" signing, and play other ps1 games off the hard drive. It's possible, but i'm currently not seeking it out atm. However all the tools are available to the public to do so :)
    <@Snowydew> "if anyone wants to figure out what the bytes are for 0xb0 to 0x100 that would also massively help us since we've been a bit too busy, or if someone wants to test some things we might be able to go a bit further. :)
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